“Municipality of youth”/ Roskovec City Council lays “in the hands” of youngsters for one day.

  • Posted on: 7 May 2019
  • By: admin

Roskovec, 7 May 2019 - The Coordination of European Integration and Foreign Assistance Unit in the Municipality of Roskovec organized the "Municipality of youth" event.

The students and their representatives from "Adem Vrapi" and "Didin Bishani" high schools, alongside with their leaders, attended a City Council meeting where they discussed with the current members of the Municipal Council, also in the presence of the Mayor of Roskovc, Majlinda Bufi.

After being briefed by the councilors and the secretary on the procedures used in regular Council meetings, the students approved the agenda of the day and discussed on their issues and needs.

The youth presented their needs, while exchanging with the members of the municipal council their ideas on how to develop the city, particularly in terms of improving conditions and creating more opportunities for their peers.

The Mayor, Mrs. Majlinda Bufi, triggered by the promoting messages of volunteering and civic engagement, which are important topics of the Europe Week 2019, called on the young people to be more committed and persistent in submitting their demands and ideas to the local government, and to see more closely the decision-making processes.

The European Integration Unit in Roskovec Municipality, a link between the youth and the European Union, will continue to organize such activities with different interest groups in the town of Roskovec.