"Europe - pro & against". Qemal Stafa high school students, a perfect example of the debate culture

  • Posted on: 9 May 2019
  • By: admin

MAY 9 - On Europe Day, in the framework of the activities being held in all the 61 municipalities of the country, the Municipality of Tirana in cooperation with the "Qemal Stafa" General High School, organized a debate among the school’s students with the theme "Europa: Pro & Against". Divided in two groups and in the presence of their young peers, the students of "Qemal Stafa” debated through various arguments and with an exemplary culture of debate - for and against the process of Albania becoming a member of the European Union.

This session was welcomed by the Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Andi Seferaj, while present were also the Head of the "Municipalities for Europe" Project, Ms. Jolanda Trebicka, the School Director of "Qemal Stafa", Ms. Nina Guga, as well as teachers of this school.

Among others, the debate revolved around the following questions: 

Does Albania benefit economically from EU membership, or this process of accession will not really improve the situation for Albanians?

Is it worthwhile for Albania to merge into one with the other member countries, or would this membership lead to the abandonment of national and patriotic values?

Is it worthwhile that through EU membership, Albania loses its sovereignty, or should it better stay outside the Union?

Is the free movement that brings an integral part of the Union, an advantage or a disadvantage for the population in Albania?

Is it worthwhile for Albania to remain firm on the path of membership, seeing the strengthening of euro-scepticism, the departure of Great Britain, and other events currently taking place in the European Union?

Through a remarkable eloquence and strong arguments, the students of "Qemal Stafa" engaged in a strong debate but providing a model of discussion culture and respect for the opponent, which could serve as an example for decision-makers at all levels.

At the end of the debate, Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Andi Seferaj and the Project Leader of "Municipalities for Europe" Jolanda Trebicka have presented a series of arguments for why the road to the European Union is at the same time the direction for a better future of the young people themselves.

"My advice for you is to study hard, keeping the head in the direction of Europe, but the feet firmly attached to this place. Because you are the real hope that this place will be done, "was the message of the Deputy Mayor.

At the end of the debate, the "Municipalities for Europe" project leader Ms. Jolanda Trebicka made a presentation for young people about the opportunities that the European Union programs offer for their future in the field of studies and career, focusing in particular on the Erasmus + program.

The EU Corner Coordinator at the Municipality of Tirana, Ms. Blerta Tuci informed high school students about the information services provided in this Corner by the Municipality. The activity with Qemal Stafa high school was the second activity that the EU Corner in Tirana Municipality hosted within the Week of Europe, which this year is dedicated entirely to young people, under the motto "Power of Youth".