"Orientation of youth towards the agricultural and livestock economy". Information on EU Policies, Patos

  • Posted on: 9 May 2019
  • By: admin

The Unit for European Integration and Foreign Assistance in Patos, held its next activity within the Europe Week, in the Administrative Unit of Zharrëz, where there is the largest part of agricultural and breeding activity in the whole territory of Patos Municipality is concentrated.

Informing young people on the common agricultural policy of the European Union with all member states and on the support from national schemes, was the main focus of the meeting organized by the Patos Integration Unit with the graduating students of the "Sotir Çapo" school in Zharrëz.

The Unit provided information on Agricultural Policy in the European Union and how member states provide development opportunities of agricultural farms and for the life of rural communities in general.

Agriculture and livestock economy covers about 60% of the Albanian economy, so youth orientation towards these policies will further strengthen this vital sector for the country and will make young people more inclined towards studies and employment in this sector.