"Our cultural, material and spiritual heritage, as a passport towards Europe!" The Municipality of Patos organizes activities with its youth

  • Posted on: 7 May 2019
  • By: admin

Within the “Europe Week 2019”, the Unit for European Integration and Foreign Assistance at the Patos Municipality, in cooperation with the Cultural Heritage sector and the "Sadush Dervishi" high school, held in the Siqeca village, part of the Administrative Unit Ruzhdie, an event on "The cultural, material and spiritual heritage, a passport towards Europe".

The material, spiritual and cultural heritage of the area was presented in one of the most beautiful areas of the Patos Municipality, right in Siqeca, a village also selected by the Albanian Government as part of the Integrated Rural Development Program "100 villages".

With “Youth Power” being the main theme of the “Europe Week 2019”, the youth from the Ruzhdie Administrative Unit were specially selected to be part of this event, that aimed to encourage them to learn about their culture and the preservation of the inherited values of Patos area. 

The European Integration Unit presented to the young the EU’s principles on cultural heritage, it’s role in their policies, as well as what the EU is funding in our country for the protection of cultural heritage, with the belief that the youth will play an important role in building the future of cultural Albania, and the road towards Europe integration, highlighting the extraordinary contribution of cultural heritage to sustainable development.