"Youth, Culture and History" a passport to the EU. The messages of young people from Kruja and Skanderbeg on Europe Day.

  • Posted on: 14 May 2019
  • By: admin

In the framework of the European Week, the Integration Unit in the Municipality of Kruja organized the activity called "Youth, Culture and History, Albania’s passport to the EU". Conceived as an awareness campaign, where the Skanderbeg Square was "dressed" with the EU flag symbols, 100 young excellent students started the march from the National Hero’s Monument to the Castle of Kruja. The aim was to highlight the importance of Albania's history and the points of this history connecting to that of Europe, in particular the role that our national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbej, has played in this union.

At the Entrance to the Old Bazaar, the EU Corner was improvised, in which the 100 youngsters discussed their opportunities to engage in projects funded by the EU, Albania's aspiration towards the great European family and their youth prospects.

The Project Manager of "Municipalities for Europe", Ms. Jolanda Trebicka, discussed with young people about the inherent weight they should have in public decision-making, informed them on the many youth focused calls that the EU has, and invited everyone to visit the EU Corner near the municipality of Kruja 'where they could be informed in more detail and get help with applying in these projects.

"Last year, the EU was focused on cultural heritage, and this year the focus is on the power of young people," added Mrs. Trebicka, while talking about the latest opportunity to apply for projects focusing in innovation.  

Mr. Bekim Murati, Director of the Agency for Support to Local Self-Government, in response to questions from young people, stressed that local government now is ready to respond to the new challenges that our EU integration requires. Mr. Murati stressed that all the attention now is in young people, as the best pro-European evidence of Albania.

In the end, the mosaic of European values was completed with the musical performance of the National State Ensemble, where for 30 minutes they performed on the balcony of the National Museum "Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu", following with the best message that Youth, Culture and History are the true passport of Albania for entering the EU.